Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD.

Speaker, Author, Strategic Partner/Coach

Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD.


  •  Owning Your Leadership: How to Discover Your Zone of Genius with the 5 Archetypes of Leadership
  • Seizing the Dream with Passion and Purpose: 5 Steps to Claiming Your Dreams
  • From Orphanage to the Boardroom
  • How Your Personality Impacts Your Health
  • Heart Health for Women – A Unique and Alternative Approach: The Impact of Relationships on Heart Health

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ADDRESS: Old Saybrook, CT

Dr. Dorothy, a licensed psychotherapist, was in private practice for over 25 years. The founder of 4 companies, including The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, LLC, Dorothy was a pioneer in the field of integrative health care. Her doctoral research was funded by an NIH Frontier Medicine grant.

Her institute provided the only 4 yr. program in integrative health in the USA which offered medical internships to the students in one of the almost 50 hospitals/medical facilities across the country her school was affiliated with.

As a motivational speaker who lived in an orphanage, was adopted and raised in the housing projects of South Boston in a violent alcoholic home, Dr. Dorothy later became a Catholic nun, an international airline stewardess and so much more,

such as living in the Caribbean on Anguilla, BWI for 10 years after dropping her youngest off at college. Taking risks and jumping off cliffs are a natural and developed process for Dr. Dorothy who has learned how to seize dreams with passion and purpose as she teaches in the 5 steps to claiming your dreams.

Ultimately, because of her own inspiring life journey in founding 4 companies, being a member of numerous boards, and working with so many others, she came to see that those who passionately and positively live this journey are the folks who achieve real success and/or health.  Because so many dream

of leadership, after mentoring and advising so many women leaders in expanding their leadership, claiming their true power, and following their dreams, Dr. Dorothy saw a consistent disconnect in amazingly powerful leaders who had difficulty claiming the depth and breadth of their power and leadership skills

whether they are on Park Avenue or leading a small entrepreneurial business that has great potential. Consequently, she now specializes in mentoring leaders who are ready for the next step in their leadership development. Assessing their style and archetype of leadership while allowing them to

recognize there is no limit, many challenges perhaps but not limits, other than the ones they set themselves.

She calls all to whom she speaks, with great humor, and profound spiritual insight, to live their life fully becoming who they are meant to be, passionately and vibrantly to support their Leadership, Spiritual Growth, Emotional Intelligence, and Physical Health.

 30 years speaking experience


CT Women Hall of Fame – Board of Trustees

National Speakers Association CT – Past President

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