“I can’t remember how the Speakers Academy came onto my radar but it seemed like a Universal sign and I registered immediately and I had no idea what I was doing. You see, I thought the Academy was to sharpen my speaking skills. To prepare for that room FULL of people. To dazzle ever so subliminally. Leave an everlasting stain on the attendants souls. As it turns out, I had not signed up for that. And Thank Goodness!!!

The Academy gives you the tools to FILL the room. The HOW. How do I book and find paid opportunities? How much do I charge? How do I advertise? How do I focus on my strengths in speaking and target an audience willing to pay for that information?

The membership in the NSA CT Chapter provides you with ongoing education and a sincere network of people, friends you don’t know yet, who will help you grow and succeed. And it’s a membership you will use. For less than $20 a month. And yes through the premier talent of speakers you meet at the monthly meetings I did sharpen my speaking skills.

My experience with NSA didn’t turn out the way I anticipated. And man, am I grateful for that. I was only thinking of speaking to the room FULL of eager listeners. Now I know how to FILL it. I had the cart before the horse. If you too are considering a foray into public speaking I would encourage you wholeheartedly to participate in every facet of NSA you can.” 

Marie Louise Burkle 2019 NSA-CT Academy Graduate 


“NSA CT Speakers academy has given me the confidence that speaking doesn’t have to be a side hobby but something that can be run like a business. After the course, I quit my fulltime job to pursue a career as a professional speaker. The credit goes to the quality teachers and the exceptional leadership team.”

Aditya Guthey NSACT Speaker Academy 2019 Speaker and Coach

www.whoweare.io www.linkedin.com/in/adityaguthey

“I am a recent 2020 graduate of the NSA Connecticut Speaker Academy and I don’t know where to begin on the value of the program. First, every time we met, we had two blocks of instruction from a different Professional or CSP qualified speakers most of whom were previous Chapter Presidents. The diversity of views and approaches was phenomenal. The topics were broad and wide and prepared us for our speaking career, not a speaking engagement. The workbook was huge and chocked full of information, a virtual treasure trove of examples and suggestions. It contained more than could be covered in class so doing your homework yielded even stronger results. The class was kept to a small working group where interaction with other students was encouraged and produced bonds that will last for years. Lots of exercises, lots of laughs and excellent feedback. The biggest takeaway for me what that being part of NSA meant I was never alone. That itself was reassuring.”

Curt Vincent NSACT Speaker Academy 2020 and now has advanced to Professional Member


This past January I followed my instincts, bit the bullet and enrolled in the Speakers Academy directed by the CT chapter of National Speakers Association.  I have been in front of audiences all my adult life. The days of knee knocking when standing before a mic are long behind me. I am a trainer who has trained trainers, testified before state and national government, taught middle schoolers and adults. So, what did I think the Academy could do for me? Frankly, I was interested in the business of speaking. I knew how to make money as a trainer, how does one become a professional speaker. I suspected the academy was the place to find out. The Academy covered speaking from soup to nuts. Literally the 5 W’s and the How of the field.

And how did we learn? COVID-19 took us from live to virtual and the quality was not sacrificed. We were taught by, led by some of the most successful practitioners in the field. And not only did they know their stuff, and how to teach it but they care. They demonstrated genuine interest in our success. The faculty along with the President elect who attended classes with us, built community among those of us in class and made themselves available to us offline. The tuition that frankly was a stretch at the time, was very well spent. An investment in my next professional journey. Try it – you’ll like it.

Denise Page, NSACT Speaker Academy 2020

Vision Engineer for F.U.N. (FiredUP! Network) and Curator for Ubuntu Storytellers (US)