Motivate your employees, modernize your culture, and make lots more moolah by activating authenticity as your new secret weapon for success.


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ADDRESS: Greater Hartford, CT


Erin Hatzikostas is a former Corporate CEO turned Professional Pot-Stirrer.

She is an internationally-recognized expert on the impact of authenticity in the workplace and authentic leadership and an inspirational, business speaker, who is entertaining, engaging, and, well, authentic.

Erin is the founder of b Authentic inc, the best-selling author of You Do You(ish), a TEDx & keynote speaker, podcast co-host, coachsultant, and edutainer.

Her talks have reached hundreds of thousands of people and her expertise has been featured on ABC and CBS and published in Business Insider, Fast Company, Well+Good, among several others.

Erin spent her career “first half” as an executive leader in the corporate healthcare industry, where at the age of 42, she became the CEO of a 9-figure, 1,000-person company. In just three years, she took this struggling company and led a massive financial and cultural turnaround, tripling earnings and sending employee engagement skyrocketing.

Her secret? Radical authenticity.

Erin holds a BBA in Statistics from Western Michigan University and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Connecticut.

She is married to her husband, Manny, who she met while stumbling through (and failing) an early career in the Actuarial field. They have two children – Ella (13) and Mick (10). In Erin’s free time you can find her coaching basketball, running, skiing, drinking wine in her fat pants, or dancing wherever you’re not supposed to dance.