Jean Baur



  • Joy Unleashed:  The Story of Bella, the Unlikely Therapy Dog
  • Stop Burnout:  Five Steps to Re-Energize Your Work for Your Best Year Ever
  • Stand Out Every Time You Talk:  Presentation Skills
  • Learn How to Ace Your Interviews
  • Turn Off Your Computer and Get a Job!

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Jean is a dynamic speaker who knows how to inspire audiences to maximize their potential. She draws on her diverse background as an author and career coach to reveal the symptoms and causes of burnout, empower her audiences to be the “boss” of their own lives and careers, and help them realize there are always choices. She’s spoken to organizations across the country including the Association of Career Professionals International, nonprofits and public libraries, educational institutions, and the Assisted Living Federation of America. She has a special fondness for Baby Boomers, helping them reinvent the next stage of their lives.

She’s very excited about her new book:  “Joy Unleashed:  The Story of Bella, the Unlikely Therapy Dog,” and has been sharing Bella’s story with audiences of all ages. When practical, Bella comes with Jean and steals the show. Bella works with special needs students, as well as with hospital, nursing home and cancer center patients. Jean calls her dog, Bella,  “an ambassador of exuberance.” Ask Jean to speak at your next event. She’ll tailor her talk to the specific challenges facing your organization, helping you improve morale, lower absenteeism, and make your workplace a vibrant success.


Earned the highest designation as a career coach, CMF (Certified Management Fellow), First Prize from Parents Magazine for most creative summer youth project, member NSA (National Speakers Association) and CAPA (Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association.)


– Eliminated! Now What? Finding Your Way from Job-Loss Crisis to Career Resilience (2010)

– The Essential Job Interview Handbook:  A Quick and Handy Resource for Every Job Seeker (2013)

– Joy Unleashed:  The Story of Bella, the Unlikely Therapy Dog (2016)