From Anne Garland, President 

September/October 2020 

Moving Forward 危机 Wéijī

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis’. One brush stroke stands for danger: the other for opportunity”John F. Kennedy

While this quote by JFK has been challenged by Chinese scholars for its accuracy of brush strokes and meaning, I found the words in the quote profound in contrast regardless. 

As we move further into this year of change and continued ‘crisis’, we are learning to navigate an unprecedented level of uncertainty due to COVID and its impact on our speaking industry.                                             

 I choose to see the opportunities.

Pollyanna aside, history shows behavior and physical environments change dramatically following major global events, and we already see creativity and innovation with regard to how speakers and meetings can offer a different set of opportunities for a fulfilling experience virtually if we use our imagination and think outside the box.

In August I spent 3 days at NSA’s INFLUENCE 2020 virtual conference and was blown away by the high-level speakers and content cleverly delivered through interesting technology and presentation. It was fast paced and kept my attention with enough space for breaks and never boring. It was definitely worth my time.

 As a Professional speaker or new Candidate member in our chapter we all can learn much from the hundreds of members of NSA that give so willingly to the chapters and each other. All you need to do is show up and ask. Did you know there is a National Speakers Association members only FB page? I find just reading through the threads an educational bonus!

Our Chapter Leadership Team is overly excited to have reached out to the many master speakers who have come forward this year to bring you, our members and guest’s great new opportunities to help you build your speaking business.

As Chapter President, I am always proud to learn more of NSA’s past and even more encouraged for the vision of NSA’s future. Together as we build our Connecticut chapter and membership, we can be that catalyst for change with opportunities to serve all and look far beyond the crisis while remaining safe.


Anne Garland

NSA-CT President