From Anne Garland, President 

July/August 2020 

A Year in Review 

Looking back, what a year it has been! Sheltering in place. Working and schooling from home. Zoom meetings. Masks. Social distancing. Black Lives Matter and political uncertainty.

None of this was on my vision board!

Who could have known with the promise of an enlightened 2020 ahead that these things would be mainstream as they are in such a short amount of time? But did we have a choice? In the face of COVID-19, adapting is essential for survival. We have become accustomed to changes that, at first caused us confusion and concern and we are still not out of the clouds. If there is a silver lining to be found it is the human spirit that has risen above the shadows. From Zoom parties, funny masks, drive by celebrations, virtuosos from balconies and red hearts blooming everywhere to name a few to make the best of our situation.

We at NSA are no different. When our March evening meeting was in question and Chuck Gallagher, CSP and a true professional kept his promise that the show must go on, (little did we know the risks then) he flew in and created a first ever for NSA-CT a hybrid meeting of in-person and zoom. He arrived safely home while validating how top- notch and enduring NSA speakers are.

A quick review:

  • Immediate Past President, Tara Clancy had the vision of offering educational Virtual Workshops available to reach out to members and guests who can’t always make the in- person gatherings
  • Our Speaker Academy was a huge success advancing three students to Professional Status
  • Our spectacular Annual “Influence” Conference 2020 has gone Virtual offering you more of the Best of the Best in speakers and content with programs already available on-line at a great savings.  Opened to all who are interested in the business of speaking, members, and guests
  • Our final, End of Year Event went virtual as we featured our Speaker Academy Graduates and Member Awards ceremony on- line

 Watch for more changes in the works to bring you greater experiences and opportunities to help you succeed in the business of speaking. Never a better time to be a member of NSA-CT! Join Us! 


Anne Garland

NSA-CT President