Member Testimonials

Why should you become a member?

As an active member of NSA-CT I rarely miss a monthly meeting. In the beginning I was in awe that I met regularly with folks who had such well established speaking careers and realized how willingly they shared their wisdom and experience. Later, over the years I have been involved because I am so aware we are always learning and growing and this is such a rich group to learn from. Friendships have developed and for me the special “fireside chat” meetings for members only have allowed those friendships to deepen while also teaching so much more in-depth practicaltools for publishing, marketing and so on. The NSA family and cooperative approaches are a gift.

Some people ask “why does a speaker need to belong to a professional organization?”  Each year I ask that same question when I am faced with renewal to NSA.

NSA is like the encyclopedia for professional speakers.  What ever you need to know you can find at least a place to start.  You are not on your own. You can tap into the nearly limitless knowledge resources while also tapping into the nearly infinite relationships that demonstrate care, compassion, and love for you.  This is why I stay a member. I know I am not alone.

Joining the National Speakers Association was by far the best thing I ever did to kick-start my professional career! Being involved in our local chapter has been a tremendous asset, gaining wisdom from guest presenters each month and garnering life long friendships from fellow CT speakers! As a past president and current board member, I can honestly say that this small but mighty chapter continually provides incredible value to all aspiring & professional speakers!